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      MoSS 2019 

      The 8th Symposium on the Mechanics of Slender Structures

      May 24-26, 2019

       Changsha, Hunan, China


      Chair:  Professor Haiyan Hu,Academician of CAS, Beijing Institute of Technology, China

                    Professor Zhengqing Chen, Academician of CAE, Hunan University, China             


      Organised by

      College of Civil Engineering, Hunan University

      Key Lab for Damage Diagnosis of Engineering Structures of Hunan Province 

      Key Lab of Wind and Bridge Engineering of Hunan Province


      Harbin Institute of Technology

      Xi'an University of Technology


      Sponsored by



      Co-Sponsored by


       Hunan Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

       The Hunan University in collaboration with Harbin Institute of Technology and Xi'an University of Technology is holding the 8th Symposium on the Mechanics of Slender Structures. This conference runs under the auspices of the Institute of Physics Applied Mechanics Group and forms a continuation of a successful meeting series on the Mechanics of Slender Structures first held in Northampton, UK, in 2006, followed by the event hosted in Baltimore, USA in 2008, in San Sebastian, Spain in 2010, in Harbin, China in 2013, in Northampton, U.K. in 2015 and in Shanghai, China in 2016, in Mérida, Spain 2017.







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